Founded in 1848, the brand Lao Feng Xiang is a leader of innovation and expansion representing quality, culture, and a rich tradition within the luxury jewelry industry. Presenting several collections of fine jewelry and precious artifacts year after year, Lao Feng Xiang recognizes the growing interest in China and Chinese-inspired designs in the global marketplace and through its popularity, reputation and loyalty the brand stands at the forefront of their industry.

The name Lao Feng Xiang is both complex and rich in meaning. “Feng” personifies the core and essence of the business. “Feng” also represents a Phoenix, the legendary and divine bird symbolizing both beauty and reflection. Bestowed upon this auspicious bird are two powerful wings of inheritance and innovation which form the core foundation of the business: Vision through sharing and co-creating distinctive classic pieces; Value through genuine and superior products; Operational Philosophy: Advancing through succeeding and sharing together; andManagement Philosophy: Innovation and excellence through synergistic teamwork.





In 1848 the first Lao Feng Xiang Jewelry Shop opened in the twenty-eighth year of reign of Daoguang Emperor in Qing Dynasty, located in Dadongmen, Nanshi, Shanghai. At that time, the store was named “Feng Xiang Jewelry Shop”.

Since then, Lao Feng Xiang has built a reputation and brand founded on history, culture, innovation and tradition. The company has achieved notable and continuous success, and today boasts a network of 2700 retail stores in Mainland China’s primary and secondary cities as well as overseas in Sydney, Australia. As a result of decades of expansion and strong investments in branding, Lao Feng Xiang has been awarded numerous national honors, including the Most Famous Trademark of China.


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